St. Louis River Alliance

Our Vision, Mission, and Goals

The St. Louis River Alliance is members working together to protect, restore and enhance the St Louis River.


We envision our community living in balance with a vibrant economy and a healthy and vital St. Louis River and Lake Superior.   The St. Louis River Alliance envisions our community members working together to create a thriving economy that utilizes the river and keeps the water safe for swimming, fishing and boating.


As the Voice for the River, the St. Louis River Alliance strives to protect, restore, and enhance the environmental health and economic value of the river.


Goal 1: Connect People to the St. Louis River

Build connections between community members and the St. Louis River through education, outreach, events, that lead to actions and behaviors that contribute to a sustainable, healthy, resilient environment.

Goal 2: Habitat Projects

Improve the health of the ecosystem through the implementation of on-the-ground projects and actions that protect, restore and enhance wildlife habitat, ultimately benefiting human populations.

Goal 3: Community Leader

Initiate collaborations and prioritize actions that keep the health of the St. Louis River in the forefront of the community.

Goal 4: Fundraising

Grow organizational sustainability by diversifying revenue sources to support the mission driven work of the organization.

Goal 5: People/Human Resources

Involve highly qualified board, staff members and members who support the mission of St. Louis River Alliance and will work to strengthen the organization.