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How to Register

Click the link HERE to be redirected to our Thinkific site to register for the online training. There you will fill out a form, and Eureka! That’s it. Access to the online training will be granted immediately for you to get started. There is no cost to register.

Our On-the-Water classes are over for the year, but you can still complete the online course to be ready to spot AIS as they pop up in the spring!

Email for details.

Learn How to Identify and Report Aquatic Invasive Species!

The St. Louis River Alliance’s AIS Sentry Program is a citizen science based early detection program.  It is designed to empower community members to recognize and report possible AIS sightings from across the region. The new Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Sentry Training Program connects you to the river by helping you learn about its delicate ecosystem, while getting out onto the water by canoe or kayak. Education is essential in preventing new introductions and the spread of Aquatic Invasive Species.


Education on:

  • Lake and river ecology and its relationship to AIS
  • How to identify common aquatic plants and animals, both native and invasive
  • How to conduct surveys of native and invasive species in the field (on the water)
  • How to record data and report findings


Anyone can be an Aquatic Invasive Species Sentry—no prior knowledge or experience is necessary.


Funding for the AIS Sentry Program provided through St. Louis County’s Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Program


Additional support and resources for the AIS Sentry Program are provided by Minnesota Sea Grant and the Department of Natural Resources.