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The “River Voice” is the Alliance’s e-newsletter which will keep the people who work on the river informed of the many projects that are happening. The newsletter will be published and distributed via email six times per year, thanks to a grant from the Lloyd K. Johnson Foundation. To be added, send your email address to Kris Eilers at the St. Louis River Alliance:

The content is not exclusive to St. Louis River Alliance activities and we welcome submissions of activities, projects and people related to the St. Louis River from all groups who are involved. Stories and images can be sent to Kris Eilers at the St. Louis River Alliance:

Past River Voice Issues

Issue No. 1: January 2011

Issue No. 2: March 2011

Issue No. 3: June 2011

Issue No. 4: August 2011

Issue No. 5: September 2011

Issue No. 6: December 2011

Issue No. 7: March 2012

Issue No. 8: June 2012

Issue No. 9: October 2012

Issue No. 10: December 2012

Issue No. 11: May 2013

Issue No. 12: January 2014

Issue No. 13: April 2014

Issue No. 14: July 2014

Issue No. 15: December 2014

Issue No. 16: March-April 2015

Issue No. 17: November 2015

Issue 18: Summer 2016