St. Louis River Alliance

Current Projects


Monofilament Recycling Bin Project

As the restoration and remediation process continues throughout the St. Louis River Estuary Area of Concern– more and more people from the Twin Ports Region and afar are traveling to enjoy a “world class fishing experience” on the St. Louis River.  The St. Louis River Alliance is coordinating the installation of Monofilament Recycling Bins to safely collect, track and recycle discarded monofilament line. These bins will encourage anglers to dispose of their monofilament line easily and properly reducing harmful effects to wildlife and the environment as well as preventing possible damage to boats due to prop entanglement.  Volunteers will collect the monofilament recycled in each bin on a regular basis with our “Adopt-a-Bin program”.

To support this program, the St. Louis River Alliance is requesting sponsorship’s. For more information, please visit the Monofilament Recycling Bin Program.


Aquatic Invasive Species Sentry Program

Aquatic invasive species (AIS) are non-native plants, animals and pathogens that live mainly in water. AIS tend to thrive in waters where they are introduced due to the absence of natural predators. AIS can quickly outcompete native plants and animals posing a major threat to our natural resources, economy and public health. Education is essential in preventing new introductions and spread of Aquatic Invasive Species throughout St. Louis County waters. You Can Help by becoming a St. Louis River Alliance Aquatic Invasive Species Sentry. Read More…