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Clean Water Campaign

cwc-12017 St. Louis River Alliance Clean Water Campaign

We are coming to a critical phase in the largest ever clean-up effort of the St. Louis River. Thanks to people like you, benefits of major milestones are rippling throughout the state.

Because of generous participation and support in last year’s Cleanwater Campaign we were able to raise almost $70,000 that went towards our work with legislation on attempting to secure the bonding bill money that would help clean up the estuary. Equally important, the St. Louis River Alliance was able to participate in planning projects with the City of Duluth, Area of Concern Projects and SLRA annual events that connected more than 1000 people to the river in creative ways.

Even though Minnesota was not able to pass a bonding bill this last session, we did not come away empty-handed. Because the SLRA worked with our government consultant, our proposal was included in the House and Senate versions of the bill, as well as the Governor’s water quality initiative. I personally met with Governor Dayton to thank him for recognizing the importance of this project on behalf of all our coalition supporters. (that includes you!)

We are running full steam ahead this session to try to secure all the bonding money (25.4 million) that will trigger the 65% federal match. It is even more urgent this legislative session that we work strategically to pass a bill that includes money for cleaning up the estuary. As we stated earlier, the federal money (47.3 million) is waiting for us, and state agencies want to use it before we lose it!

All this said, we are asking for your support as we hold our 2nd Annual Clean Water Gala on February 9th, 2017.
We will be trying to secure many of the same local vendors and silent auction contributions we had last season in order to provide a very positive experience for attendees. The event will be held again at the great Clyde Iron on Thursday, February 9th from 5:30pm-8:00pm.

One of the St. Louis River Alliance’s goals is to “Build connections between community members and the St. Louis River through education, outreach, events that lead to actions and behaviors that contribute to a sustainable, healthy, resilient environment”. One of the ways we do this is to continue to unify the community and move us forward on a project that we can all get behind. We also want to encourage people to know their local business-owners and the people who they do business with. Helping focus on local businesses is also part of our vision of creating solutions to the challenges that face our community.

In participating in our upcoming Clean Water Gala 2017 you will be providing a great service and opportunity for SLRA to continue our efforts of cleaning up the estuary, as well as support other SLRA initiatives. We believe that it also provides value to businesses and relationships in the community as we work towards creating the world we want to live in. Duluth is a community that values local businesses, clean water, great food and drink, and local music. Please join us in February 2017 as one of our honored vendors, contributors, sponsors or supporters!


For more information on the Clean Water Campaign and how you can help, please contact or give us a call at 218-733-9520.

For more details of contaminated sediment management sites click the link here.

Clean Water Campaign Cover Photo “Running Wild” courtesy of John Heino