St. Louis River Alliance

Bark Ranger Program Overview

“Bark Rangers” are assigned (or select) an area to spend time “roving the beach” with their dog and reaching out to other dog owners about leash regulations (or provide positive feedback to those who are obeying the regulations), why it’s important to keep dogs on leashes (nesting plovers and other shore nesters, other wildlife, people who fear dogs, etc). Volunteers will collect data during their patrol –date/time/location, how many people they contacted and the type of contact: dogs on leash, off leash, in/out of closed areas, general park info. We provide training and information to take with you.

Time Commitment

  • Volunteer are asked to work between May and early August (plover season), and work at least 1 stint/week.
  • Each stint would be walking 1-3 hours per rove (which also could include one or more beaches).
  • ~12 hours/month.
  • A lot depends on weather, dog condition (don’t want to over exert dog or expose to high temps).


  • Well behaved dog in social settings (people and dogs)
  • Vaccinations

For more information, contact Alyssa: or (218)733-9520.