St. Louis River Alliance

2010 Volunteer Stream Monitoring

SLRA Stream Monitoring Volunteers are testing 13 sites on 10 rivers and streams in the Duluth area. These sites have been chosen by Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) as sites which need further data collection. Use these links to learn more about MPCA’s Citizen Stream Monitoring Program or to look at past data collected using MPCA’s Environmental Data Access (EDA) or the STOrage and RETrieval (STORET) database.

Also try the website for even more local stream water quality information.



Our 2010 Stream Monitoring Volunteers

Carol Horabik l Rocky Run

Carol Horabik (left) monitors at Midway River, Hay Creek, and Rocky Run

Dennis Walkowiak l Karen Johnson

Dennis Walkowiak (left) and Karen Johnson (right) monitor at Keen Creek and Merritt Creek

Keen-Merrit Team

Keene-Merrit Team: Dennis Walkowiak, Kalen Johnson, and Karen Johnson

Duane Long

Duane Long with his transparency tube at Mission Creek.

Tom Deschenes

Tom Deschenes accompanies the SLRA monitoring staff on sampling runs to North Shore streams.

Bob Smerz l Linda Smerz

Bob Smerz (left) and Linda Smerz (right) monitor at Miller Creek at highway 53